GTA Glitch Vehicle

I was in multiplayer in GTA 4 (TBOGT), in a police helicopter, and went to the airport to get a Buzzard (the small helicopter with missiles) and instead of landing my police helicopter, I flew it up quite high, jumped out of it and opened my parachute, steering it towards the landing pad where they spawn. Instead of a Buzzard though, I found a really weird vehicle that I’d never seen before.

It is quite simply a wrecked Blista Compact (this wreck is placed in junkyards etc. in the normal game and is not drivable) with wheels and a door only on its right side, but the car is “towing” a boat on a trailer of sorts. The boat’s textures are quite low quality, but the weirdest thing was that this abomination was drivable. The boat has no collision detection, but the car does. Upon entering, the text that says the name of the car said “Turismo”, the Ferrari-esque sports car. The engine noises and handling seemed to also be a Turismo’s. The boat was not actually “towed” by the car, it is simply attached to it.

Whichever way the car’s back bumper turns, the boat turns the same way. It’s not like in San Andreas where if a vehicle towed something, it could swing around independently realistically, so I kind of figured out what its purpose was. It was a test vehicle made by the physics programmers or whoever to try and make a trailer system for GTA 4 (which was absent, but was in San Andreas as I mentioned). They couldn’t get it right, so they just left it alone, leaving the vehicle in the files.

The car was also invincible. It seemed that the other players in my game could see it, but none of them seemed too concerned about it, the weirdos. The car was also invincible, though my character could still be shot through the windows like normal. I ran it into petrol pumps and shot it with the Buzzard’s missiles and with a rocket launcher to no effect, though I did bump into something an a red door kind of pop out of the side, confirming that the game thought it was a Turismo.

But what was its true purpose? Was it sent to guard us from the aliens of Mount Chiliad? Was it an aborted project by the scientists of Area 69? Was Mike Toreno involved somehow? The answers to these questions, and more, will be coming in my 100 part series over the coming weeks.

EDIT: Just thinking about what was different during that game, and I remember two things: 1. My parachute was invisible. It still worked, but it wasn’t shown. And 2. The lights on the Empire State Building rip-off were white, whereas in the TBOGT normally, they are always pink.